Tag Singing

What is tag singing?   Tags are often the closing stanza of an actual song - although they can also be written just as a standalone piece.  "Tag singing" allows a couple of singers who may have never met learn their part in a matter of minutes and then be able to match their vocal timbre, volume and vowel targets to make that phrase and the chords that it contains sound as perfect as possible.

Here are a few examples of how a tag is taught and then how it sounds together.

And this is a collaboration of a couple of long distance friends...

If you would like a link to the ultimate tag resource - visit barbershoptags.com where you'll find a compilation of over 2000 tags - many of them with individual part tracks and videos.

You can also access the tags on the site with your smartphone using any of the following apps:

If you'd like a printout of 125 classic tags compiled by David Wright you can download the pdf at http://www.barbershoptags.com/dbpage.php?pg=classictags

Finally, Ben Luttge began compiling a list of his favorite tags several years ago and appropriately naming it "Some Tags".   It has grown over the years to it's current size, the latest version of which can be downloaded from his site at http://mysite.verizon.net/luttge/